10 May 2016

We are Totally Normal - May 10 - Missoula, Montana

After my angst about lack of grandparents yesterday, a grandma appeared out of the ether this morning.  I was getting coffee at the continental breakfast in the hotel when a gray-haired woman swooped in next to Bear and told him to make sure he asked for hot chocolate with his breakfast.  (I had planned on offering him his choice of water or watered-down juice.) My mom pulls stuff like this all the time, I was pretty sure she had sent one of her agents.

Anyway, our drive to Missoula was quite snowy.

Why Missoula? It's a common question.  Basically, some of Benjamin's favorite YouTubers live and work there.  We went to lunch at their favorite lunch spot and also found their car in the studio parking lot.  But we didn't knock on the door or take pictures because that would make us creepers.

Anyway, Missoula is a hip little college town nestled in beautiful mountains.  Bear loved it because we found a little outdoor seating area with boulders he could scramble around on. Pax had her first experience with bleu cheese and continues to be cautiously optimistic about tasting solids.  

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