01 May 2016

May 1, Indianapolis!

We spent the night at George and Judy's place, continuing our assault on their native bears.  Then, we hit the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I happen to have sampled quite a few children's museums in my day (Baltimore, Richmond, Santa Fe, Charlottesville...) and this is the best, hands down.

Bear had such a great time with George and Judy!
Water clock demo
"Pirates and Princesses" exhibit

There were many dinosaurs.  Bear is a big fan of dinosaurs; it does not quite reach the level of his obsession with trains, but it's close.  My particular favorite was the dinosaur dig - they cover these bones with a mix of recycled rubber pellets and glue and let the kids chip away at it with plastic scrapers.

Digging for dinosaur bones.
Grumpy baby dinosaur 

After a very tiring morning at the museum, we said goodbye to George and Judy and got on the road to Chicago.  It was somewhere on this drive when Bear asked, "Where is Pooh-Bear?"  A frenzied rummaging through the van revealed that Pooh was, in fact, missing again.  This time it seems he decided to stay in Indianapolis with George and Judy's bears for an extended visit.

In Chicago, we invaded a fancy hotel, and found ourselves some deep dish pizza.  Benjamin enjoyed the cider on tap in the hotel bar, and I enjoyed going to sleep at 9pm.  

Daily art shot:

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