12 May 2016


Spokane is great.  During our drive from Missoula to Spokane, it became summer again, so that was nice.  We parked in a public lot by Riverfront Park and all changed clothes, put on sunscreen, etc.  We crossed a pedestrian bridge and quickly found a small playground where Bear entertained himself for 20 minutes.  Then we ventured on to find the giant red wagon that I had spied in the guidebook and decided was a must-see.  Bear disagreed and refused to slide down the handle/slide, but he did really enjoy watching people feed the geese and pigeons nearby.

At that point we decided we really needed ice cream, so Benjamin (with the help of google maps) led us on a sunny detour out of the park and around a construction site to a park-side development of luxury apartments with lower level cafes, breweries, organic grocers, and artisan ice cream parlors.  Whatever rent in those apartments is, it is worth it.  I got a chipotle chocolate milkshake that was spicy and smokey and delicious.

We took a shorter route back to the park and rode the gondola out over the falls.  Bear made us read aloud every safety warning printed on the gondola car doors.  Not because he was scared, just he's just fascinated by diagrams lately.

Our accommodation for the night was one of the stranger RV parks we have stayed in.  The general layout and amenities were the usual - RV parking pad with connections for water, electric, sewer, and cable TV on one side, narrow strip of grass with picnic table on the other side.  But in this place the narrow strip of grass was carefully manicured.  The parking pad was bright white new cement.  The roads were freshly paved.  The whole thing looked and felt like a cookie-cutter suburban development, but with RVs instead of houses.  The neighborhood was complete with a band of children that included two other three-year-old boys, so Bear was in heaven.

In conclusion, Spokane is a beautiful small-medium city with a great downtown and fantastic greenspace.  A+

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