28 May 2016

San Diego Safari Park

Four and a half years ago, Benjamin and I went to the San Diego Safari Park as part of our honeymoon/residency interview trip.  We had a great time on the trip, despite the residency interview part being somewhat disappointing.  The Safari Park part was a highlight. And the next day I took a pregnancy test in the bathroom at LAX and learned that Bear would be joining our family.

Now that our little zygote is running, jumping, and climbing trees we decided a return zoo trip was in order.  It is a lovely zoo, and there were definitely some exhibits that are either new or Benjamin and I just don't remember.  (I wish I had been blogging back then!)

And we saw gorillas - and Bear did not end up inside the exhibit!  I know as a "mommy blogger" I am like contractually required to weigh in on Gorilla-gate but I just can't.  My only reaction is relief that it was not my kid.  Because it totally could have been.

Our visit was cut a little short by an email from immigration about Benjamin's visa application.  Furious email typing and frantic phone calls from the stroller parking area ensued.  I'll talk more about the specifics later, but essentially the situation went from being out of our hands to being an insurmountable-feeling to-do list of documentation to assemble and send off ASAP.

At least there is now something we can do about it.

This is as close as we got to a gorilla.


Look closely - there are like 25 Desert Bighorn Sheep in here.

The play structures at this zoo were on-point.

Animal encounter!

Bear has averaged a carousel ride every 3 days so far on this trip.  


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