30 May 2016

San Diego Children's Discovery Museum

From our base-camp (extended stay hotel) in Carlsbad, CA, we went forth today to explore the Children's Discovery Museum in Escondido.  I have been to ..... several Children's Museums in my time.  This one is small but delightful.  I was solo on this adventure (Benjamin - consider this alone time in a wifi-filled hotel room your birthday present) so I was glad it was a smaller place.  In fact, it was closer to a really elaborate preschool classroom than to the big Children Museums like Indianapolis or Baltimore.  And that was perfect.  I could sit back and let Bear run free but still see him at all times and intervene in case he did anything like try to bite someone or hold forth about Santa not being real.  

He turned out to be quite well-behaved, and I was proud of myself for knowing to quit when we were ahead and not keep him out well past nap time.  

Being a weekend, basically no progress could be made on the paperwork gathering for the visa situation, so I just tried to distract myself and enjoy the kids.  Mostly I was successful - it was a lovely low-key day.  

Pax loves snuggles.

"I'm working!"

Pax loved the baby and toddler area.

Bear also loved the baby and toddler area.

Pirate ship!
When in California...drink the kombucha they sell from vending machines.  

Ergo napping - check.

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