25 May 2016

Incoherent Ramblings from the Greyhound

Today we traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles via Greyhound bus.  Because we know how to have fun!  My brain won't let me create a coherent narrative out of this, so here are just some random snippets and thoughts.


Me: (hauling 50lbs suitcases one at a time to the side of the bus while wearing Pax in the Ergo) *grunt*
Greyhound Employee 1: Weren't you with somebody? That big guy with the beard? Why isn't he helping you with this?
Me: He's with the other kid (sweat drips off of forehead onto suitcase)
Greyhound Employee 2: Was that the kid who tried to board the bus to San Pedro and then started to take off his pants?
Me: Probably.
GE 2: (To GE 1) Oh yeah, dog, she's got the easy job. Don't feel sorry for her.  


'Travel Plaza' is one of the more anxiety-provoking places where Bear has run away.


Related note: Should not have left the leash at home.


Normal Parent vs Nomad Parent

Screen time:
   Normal Parent: 1 show/day max
   Nomad Parent: Try to wait until kid has been non-obnoxious for four consecutive minutes before busting out the iPad so he doesn't realize he's being rewarded for acting like a demon.

Diaper changes:
    Normal Parent: Assemble changing pad, wipes, clean diaper, plastic bag. Change diaper.  Strap baby securely in her stroller while you wash your hands.  
 Nomad Parent: Change diaper on lap, in a moving bus, place on floor while reminding yourself not to step on it later.  Immediately eat a burrito.  


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  1. Just too funny. What an adventure. After this a year in AotearoaNZ will be relaxing.