26 May 2016

The Benefits of Deep Breathing and Magic Mountain

Bear enjoying our hotel

Yesterday was hell.  After a seven hour bus ride, Benjamin and I were both out of spoons, and yet Bear was totally energized and ready to probe our weaknesses.  I reacted by being royally pissed at Benjamin - how dare he be equally as tired and frustrated as me?

Anyway, it's really hard to storm out of a hotel room and take two kids with you.
     Me: I am so mad at you!
     *Door slam*
     *Door open.*
     Me: I need the diaper bag, epi pen, and Bear to put his shoes on.

So during my slow-motion temper tantrum, I took Bear down to the mezzanine level of our gargantuan hotel and bought him a smoothie and myself a frozen mocha.  While I was completing the transaction, Bear bolted.  It turns out he ran out to the garden deck and joined a business school graduation reception.  He was returned to me by hotel security.

One time at a Quaker youth conference we had a workshop on different types of breathing while meditating.  (Come to think of it, it may have been my now mother-in-law who led this workshop - my memory of it is quite hazy.)  I don't remember the name of this breath, but you breathe in for a count of seven through your nose, pause for a count of four, exhale for a count of seven through your mouth, and then pause for another count of four.  Well folks, I am here to tell you this stuff works, because I did not throw my child into the hotel's giant fountain and then burn down the whole building.


Today was much, much better.  We got up early, packed up all our stuff, and picked up our rental car.  Getting everything to fit into a sedan was a bit interesting but we made it happen.  It helps that Benjamin is a Rubik's cube whiz.  Once loaded up, we got on the road to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Benjamin is a roller coaster connoisseur, so this was his agenda item.  I was mostly along for the ride (see what I did there?).  I figured I would hang out with Bear in the kiddie area while Benjamin rode coasters.

To make a long story short, my three year old is an adrenaline junkie. He loves roller coasters.  He also happens to be 41 and 3/4 inches tall, which is close enough to 42 if he wriggles while being measured (and let's be honest, this child has never held still in his life).  And 42 inches is the cut off for riding most kiddie rides without an adult (which was good because I was holding Pax).  And 42 inches is also the minimum height for an adult coaster called the Ninja.   We waited in line together and then I rode with Bear while Benjamin held Pax.  Bear was scared at first, but then started screaming in a happy way halfway down the first hill.  By the end of the ride his only words were, "I wanna do that AGAIN!"  So I held Pax while Bear rode with Benjamin this time.  When he got off, the ride attendant gave him a high five.

I was so impressed with Bear's bravery and his willingness to try new things.  I was also really impressed with his behavior - he was doing super well all day until the very end when he melted down because Dippin Dots is not the right shape for ice cream.  We'll chalk that one up to exhaustion.

It was a really fun day.  Benjamin got to ride some big coasters, I got to ride an amazing wooden coaster, Bear discovered his love of thrills, and Pax got to hang out in the Ergo and nurse.  It was a break that we all needed, and a reminder that we do actually have fun as a family.

Bear driving his truck full of Dope.

After this ride Bear told me, "My friend is seven and she was scared to be up front so I held her hand."

Blogger won't let me import cropped photos so this one is silly, but there is Bear's tiny head in this otherwise empty ride.

Bear and Benjamin at the top of the Pirate Ship!


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  1. These pictures more than compensate for the early morning D.C. visa application run. Love that Bear has learned to fly.