02 May 2016

May 2, Chicago!

 This day was crazy-packed.  It was my first time seeing Chicago, which seems like a really lovely city.

We woke up early to see the sunrise over Millennium Park.

Then it was a walk through the park to see Cloudgate, which is actually really awesome.  There is something about seeing this piece in person.  Millennium Park seems super interesting and I wish we had more time to explore it.

After Cloudgate we went to breakfast at a local cafe which was delicious. And then to another local cafe where we met one of Benjamin's friends from Twitter for second breakfast.

Then we were off to the Field Museum, where we got to meet Emily Graslie, who we know from youtube and who works at the museum.  The Field Museum is completely amazing.  I could have spent all day just in the mammal section. But there was also the evolution exhibit and the children's area and the giant robotic insects...  In conclusion, this place is awesome.

Then it was time to trade in the mini van for am RV for the next leg of the adventure!

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  1. In all our travels Chicago has always been just a place we pass through and always wonder what it might be like to spend a bit of time. Glad you got to sample just a bit. Make sure you keep taking lots of pictures. Love you all.