18 May 2016

May 17 & 18 - Beaches, Redwoods, Human Mortality

From Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, we proceeded to Humboldt Redwood State Park with a stop at the beach.

Bear loves the beach - he had a great time exploring and I had a great time watching him.  We had the place mostly to ourselves until a small group came up the path to the beach with a video camera and a small box.  I was curious about what they were doing and thought that they might be releasing some sort of rehabilitated wildlife.  They took the box to the edge of the water and opened it - dumping the ashes into the surf.

Sunrise, sunset and whatnot.

Benjamin performs the Double Child Extraction

Why yes, in every selfie I am wearing this hat.

Full of attitude.

The trees don't even look large in this photograph.  They were really, really large.

The tiny colorful things here are tents - full sized tents.

Two living trees on either side of a stump, Pax for scale.


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