17 June 2016

On Their Way!

Benjamin and Bear are on their way!!!  Well, they are currently hanging out in the airport waiting for their flight - which is in seven more hours.  And I thought I got to the airport early!

Anyway, I am proud of my husband who knows how to be the squeaky wheel, even in a bureaucratic maze as large as this.

And this still would not have been possible without my father-in-law Howard, who has made so many trips to the Embassy in DC that they are on a first name basis with him.  Thank you so so so much!

So now my boys have passports and visas in hand, they are all packed up and waiting in the airport.  And I will meet them in Auckland tomorrow morning.  I am so relieved and so looking forward to seeing them!

As soon as I heard that the visas had been approved, I felt my whole body relax.  I was not aware of holding so much tension, but letting it go felt amazing.  I spent most of the morning curled in a comfortable chair with a baby, a book, and a cup of tea.  It was marvelous.

In the afternoon I ventured out into the city - I had to walk back downtown to the bank to get my e-banking card.  Even in the neighborhood of the Friends Centre, a little further from downtown, there is still a cafe every 30 feet or so.  I don't know why anyone who lives in Wellington would ever cook.

I also went back to Te Papa, the national museum.  It was actually my third day at the museum and I now feel I have seen...most of it.  Still not everything.  Sorry for the lack of pictures - photography is not allowed in most of the museum out of respect for the Maori traditions.  It's a very well-curated experience with appeal for all age groups - and it is free!

On Saturday I packed up and headed back to the airport for a short flight back up to Auckland.  Pax is a traveling pro at this point and she did great.  Also, Kiwis are so polite and helpful - strangers offered to carry my bags and helped me get settled on the plane and made faces to entertain Pax.  I feel free to fall in love with this country now that I know they will let my family in.

I was met at the airport by the lovely Patti who drove us home to the Auckland Friends Centre.

I can't wait to see my guys!!!

Both are gross.

Pax enjoys Thai food as well.

Pedestrian mall in Wellington

Downtown Wellington

This was OTC and in NZ dollars.  In the US this medication is prescription only and costs $120 US for the same amount.

High school students play The Entertainer on a rainbow piano by the waterfront.

Wellington waterfront.

Outside Te Papa

This book was on display at Te Papa - it features this spread about Benjamin's grandfather.

Art floor at Te Papa

Or in Bear's case, place your child in a straight jacket.

Modern art at Te Papa

Cider selection at the Wellington grocery store

Pax is soooo close to crawling

Inside the Wellington airport.  

Playing on the floor at the Wellington airport

Pax thought this safety card was hilarious and also delicious

Playing on the floor at a new and different Friends Centre

Garden at the Auckland Friends Centre

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