10 June 2016

Last Days in these United States

Here is the collection of photos from our last several days in Palm Desert.  We took a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to Mount San Jacinto State Park, visited the Living Desert, and just goofed around in the hotel room.  

Why yes, I can carry both kids at once.

Mount San Jacinto State Park - just beautiful.  And mercifully cooler due to elevation.


Q: Can you ever have enough pictures of gnarled, bleached trees?
A: No.

View from the top platform at the Aerial Tram

One day, I will blow his mind by putting the quarter in one of these things to make it actually work.  Today was not that day.  

Riding the tram car.

Picture does no justice to how steep this is.  

I had literally never heard of this animal before.  

Sibling snuggles

I found my feet!

My mom gave Bear these light sticks as a present for the road.  Tonight he put on a "light show."

Pax participates in the light show

I love me some low light iPhone photography.

Light sticks!

Sleepy baby

More sleepy baby.

My two goof balls at hotel breakfast.

Bear's favorite activity: waking up his sister.

"Home sweet home." -Bear

Living Desert cactus garden



What big ears you have!
The better to dissipate heat with, my dear.

Baby coyotes at the Living Desert wildlife hospital.

Cute.  Overload.  

So sleepy!

Pax started out dubious about avocado but quickly came around.  
A typical scene from hotel breakfast.

This is what I look like after I run 0.75 of a mile on a treadmill.

Just a princess riding his dinosaur.

Bear found another princess!

Winnie the Pooh: Volunteer Firefighter

Hungry baby

She is a fan of food.

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