20 June 2016

Exploring Auckland with Patti

On Sunday, Patti and I took a double-decker bus downtown to explore Auckland a bit.  Patti suggested it, saying she's "a sucker for a walk along a waterfront." We are so compatible it's crazy - I too am a major sucker for a walk along a waterfront.  As is my mom.  I seriously cannot wait to introduce them.  Michael has been under the weather, so he didn't feel up for joining us on our adventures, but we did get to hang out around the breakfast table this morning and the dinner table last night.  He is Papo to his grandkids and shifted effortlessly back into this persona where Pax was concerned.  

Patti and I had a great time, walking along, poking into lots of shops to just look at things, oohing and ahing over the scenic views and the funky little green spaces.  From what I have seen, Auckland reminds me of Seattle - it's not just the fish market and Sky Tower/Space Needle - they both also have this kind of professional hipster vibe going on.  They also both have a strong coffee game.  Definitely both A+ cities.  

I am really excited to see my guys (they arrive tomorrow morning!) but I have also really enjoyed getting to know Patti and Michael.  With Bear around I often find it hard to focus on adult conversation and engage and get to know people because he requires a lot of attention/energy/redirection.  So I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know them with a little more breathing room.  

When I lay in bed, the song that ran through my head was 'One More Sleep 'Til Christmas' - that's exactly what it feels like. 

Finally found good pie!

Auckland waterfront

Sky Tower

Art by the playground

Patti inspects the sculpture


This fish market was so fresh - the raw fish actually smelled good.  

Papo and Pax conversing

Seen on my walk to the grocery store.  I don't even know.  

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