27 March 2016

March 24 - Day Off

Today was my first day off in a while....like 6 days.  Resident Mali is laughing but it felt pretty grueling actually.  Especially the night I got home at midnight and had to be at work at 8am the next day.  Residency Mali is cackling madly. I'm pretty embarrassed I whined about that in real life.

Anyway, it was my day off and it was gorgeous outside.  Bear and I got up early and had breakfast.  He currently eats exclusively Bevita blueberry biscuits for breakfasts and he would eat them for every meal if we had not instituted a "only one pack of biscuits per day" rule.  Also he typically eats them off of a plate on the floor while mostly or completely naked.  A Pintrest mom I am not.

Usually he eats his breakfast on the floor in the hall right outside the kitchen door while I do some dishes and make my own breakfast.  But today I was committed to giving him the undivided attention he's been so needing lately.  So I ate a bowl of cereal sitting cross legged on the floor in his room while he crawled in and out of my lap and pretended we were both fairies - Fawn and Vidia specifically.

Once Pax woke up, I took the kids (I still can't believe we have two of them) to Centennial Park to play on the playground.  Pax did very little playing but she did have poop-splosion so I can only assume she enjoyed herself.

Then we headed to the Starbucks at the mall to fuel up, and then to Greenberries which is a baby and kid consignment shop.  We scored a sweet new double stroller.  This brings our stroller fleet up to three.  Three strollers, people.  This from someone who theoretically values simplicity.  Kids: making all your values theoretical since forever.

We headed home for nap time, there was a bit of a meltdown in the car on the way home - I think it was a blood sugar issue - mine and Bear's.  The meltdown paused for sleeping and then resumed.  I was the worst person ever for giving my child goldfish crackers.  The.  Worst.

Once we got settled down, the four of us went for a walk in a local cemetery to try out the new stroller.  It might seem like a strange setting, but it's a family tradition.   There is a very nice wooded cemetery just a few blocks from my parents' house, and we used to walk the dog there because it was convenient green space and usually secluded enough to let the dog off the leash.  The tradition continued with Abby-dog, who we walked in the huge cemetery near our Baltimore house.

After the short walk, it was home for dessert - Oreos on the balcony.  Bear stripped down to his underwear, naturally.  It was very peaceful, the warm air on our skin and the scent of flowers in the air as darkness fell.

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