20 March 2016

Introductions, continued

Ok, picking up where we left off, introducing the family members.

Next up: Bear

Bear is three and a half going on sixteen.  His vocabulary is pretty much that of a high school freshman, including words/phrases like "gondola car," "marsupials," and "is that mandatory?" He loves trains and trucks and construction equipment and also princesses and my little ponies.  He subsists on a diet of entirely carbohydrates and prefers to wear as few clothes as possible.  At night he sleeps in a 'nest' (read: a pile of blankets on the floor in his closet) with Winnie the Pooh until he sees "scary shadows," at which point he joins me and Pax for some snuggles.

While becoming a big brother has been a big adjustment for him in terms of the distraction of his parents, Bear is enthusiastic about his sister.  He loves to show her off to people we meet, "This is our baby, Pax.  She's my sister!"

Bear is my greatest joy and my biggest challenge.  He's exactly as stubborn and relentless as anyone would expect the child of me and Benjamin to be, and all that energy is currently focused on learning everything he can about the world around him. This often manifests as a non-stop stream of questions about everything from the metaphysical to the anatomical to the political.  The experience of being Bear's parent ranges from sublime to maddening to heartwarming, often all in the space of one morning.

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