13 April 2016

So we are exactly one month  seventeen days short of the start of our capital A Adventure.  On April 29th we pack up a rental minivan with our two kids and all the stuff we are planning on owning for the next year or so and hit the road.
Have Frozen sunglasses, will travel

First destination is Indianapolis to visit with Mali's aunt and uncle. Then we will head to Chicago and swap the minivan for an RV we are renting (we get a very good deal on the RV by picking it up there).  From there we head west. Three weeks or so to see many state and national parks (yay, Yellowstone!), a few large cities, and plenty of Pacific coastline.  We'll end up in San Francisco where the RV is due on May 21st.
A more accurate map of our route can be found here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zRh1ifTEIqnc.kJYwL4aCS4Fo

And from there, at some point, we will fly to New Zealand.

We will be living and working in Opotiki, New Zealand for one year.  Stay tuned for an account of our travels and adventures!


  1. And then Scotland... riiiiight?

    But seriously, I'm super excited to read about the adventure guys!