26 April 2016


A significant chunk of my efforts as one half of Team Zuses Parents is paperwork. Mali has always been busy during our relationship, whether with school, residency, childbirth, or employment and I have always enjoyed doing paperwork. So it should come as no surprise that the multitude of clerical tasks involved in moving a family legally across the world has fallen to me.

The process began with having to gather a huge variety of documents proving to the placement agency (a non-profit tasked by the government of ANZ to find doctors to fill rural placements) that Mali was qualified to work in their country. This was followed by providing those documents (and still others) to the Medical Council of ANZ so that Mali could get registered to practice medicine. Once they are satisfied, we have to gather yet more different documents to provide to Immigration New Zealand with evidence of our worthiness to enter and live in the country.

All the while I must be staying on top of taxes, student loans, bills, investments, charity, our budget, leases, and insurance. It is a good thing I like forms and instructions.

I am very excited we are almost on our way. I turned in the Visa applications from me and the kids this morning, and Mali's was submitted last Friday. Now we just have to wait and see when they finish (if they go smoothly) so we can plan the next leg our flawless plan.

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